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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hook Head Lighthouse, County Wexford, Ireland

The Lighthouse: Hook Head lies at the foot of a narrow spit of land near Churchtown in County Wexford, and has been the site of a lighthouse for over 7 centuries. A light was built on this site by the monks in 1172 and it is rumored that even before that a beacon fire was maintained at a local monastery nearby to guide mariners on their approach to Waterford harbor. The light was maintained by the monks until 1641 at which time they left the area and it was off for 25 years. After a series of shipwrecks, it was ordered to be lit by Charles II and has remained consistently lit ever since. A site well worth visiting if you're ever in Ireland and a beautiful drive from Waterford on Ireland's south coast.

The Camera: Taken with an Olympus E-100 RS Digital Camera, 1.5 Megapixels JPG image, unedited. The beauty of the E-100Rs is the 15 frames per second shooting speed, the wonderful all glass aspherical lens and the ruggedness to travel anywhere. The utility of an SLR without changing lenses with an amazing 1o26 mm zoom (380 optical combined with a 2.7X digital) and an image stabilizer that works superbly even out that far!) Alas, these cameras are no longer made and those owning one hold them tighter than a bullfrog's butt. If you can grab one, for a few hundred dollars, you'll likely be a very happy owner.

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